Empowering Health: Goodlife Pharmacy Joins Forces with HealthX for Instant Access to Affordable Telemedical Care

Goodlife Pharmacy Ltd, the fastest growing pharmacy and health hub in East Africa has partnered with HealthX Africa, a fully equipped, and virtual medical facility that offers health care consultation, mental health counseling, and wellness services. Under the agreement, Goodlife will unveil to its users unlimited telemedical care provided by HealthX Medical Doctors at an extremely affordable cost of KES 250 per consultation. Goodlife Pharmacy has built the foundation of a Professional Pharmacy, Health and beauty chain, to enable East Africans to start living the Goodlife! By increasing access to reliable medication at affordable prices, Goodlife Pharmacy is having a direct impact on the quality of life and wellness of East Africa’s increasingly affluent population. Goodlife has been endorsed by The Pharmaceutical Society of Kenya, through their Green Cross Audit, as the best pharmacy practice in the country. This is in recognition of Goodlife’s ongoing commitment to excellence in pharmacy practice and standards. The Goodlife approach to quality pharmaceuticals, use of innovative technologies across their stores, and customer-centric approach is revolutionizing how healthcare is delivered in East Africa. Recently upgraded inventory management systems coupled with e-commerce services have enabled Goodlife to meet customers’ expectations efficiently and quickly nationwide, providing health, pharmacy, and beauty products conveniently to its valued customers. For HealthX Africa’s dedicated team, who are committed to delivering exceptional telemedical services around the clock, the convenience is unparalleled. HealthX platform allows users to access unlimited healthcare consultation, mental health consultation, and nutrition/ wellness services from wherever they are, and whenever they want (day or night, 7 days a week), only visiting a hospital when physical visits are necessary. The telemedical service can be taken up by companies too, meaning a reduction in employee absenteeism, improved sick leave support, and increased overall workforce productivity and physical and mental wellbeing.  

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