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Can I speak to a specialist?
HealthX doctors are General Practitioners and Family Medicine Specialists with wide experience in managing most healthcare conditions. If the HealthX doctor feels that you need a referral for specialist care or for physically examination, they will refer you to a specialist.
What are the highlighting benefits of using HealthX?
1. Immediate and round the clock access to Medical Doctors, Clinical Psychologists and Clinical Nutritionists included in one affordable subscription package.
2. Speak to a clinician when you want, from wherever you are. No transport costs, appointment booking, or long queues and waiting times. All-inclusive package of consultation with no surprise costs.
3. Customizable wellness program based on your individualized needs.
4. Remote vitals monitoring and health programs, including for pregnancy and antenatal care, and for chronic disease management.
5. Professional and unbiased healthcare services guided by national and international clinical guidelines.
6. Your health record stored in one place, available to you wherever you are and whenever you need.
Will my medical information be shared with my company?
All information that is shared with HealthX is private and confidential. No information will be shared with your company or anyone else unless required by law, in which case, we will first take your permission in form of a written consent to release the information.
What measures do you have in place to maintain the safety, privacy and security of my medical information?
1. Our entire clinical team works out of a secure and access controlled Digital Operations Center (DOC). 2. All computers and other equipment used for virtual consultations remain in the DOC. 3. No mobile phones are allowed in the DOC. 4. Our systems comply with the latest HIPPA regulations and are in alignment with The Data Protection Act, 2019. 5. All reporting is done in an aggregated and anonymized manner. 6. No personal details or medical information shared with family members, spouses, employers etc. without explicit consent of the patient (except for minors, where information will be shared with parent/ guardian).
What happens if my call got disconnected?
If your call got disconnected for any technical reason, you can call us again; we’re available 24/7. Or you can just wait for us to call you back and reconnect you with the doctor.
Why should I call HealthX?
At HealthX our doctors are full time employees and they will assist you with any medical needs you have without having to wait in lines in hospitals or clinics. They will educate and guide you through your illness and help you maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle.
What is the service offered?
All HealthX subscription packages offer 24/7 access to speak to Kenya licensed and registered Medical Doctors who will assess & educate on your condition, advise you on management options, send prescriptions and organize medication delivery of you prefer, coordinate laboratory testing where needed, and refer you if requred. HealthX's expanded Care+ and Elite packages offer an additional range of services including direct access to the Clinical Psychologist and Clinical Nutritionist, your dedicated Medical Doctor, and emergency ambulance services.
Do my family members have access to HealthX service.
If they are covered under the same Employer as you are, they have a subsidised subscription fee to access to this service, if not they can subscribe for this service individually
What is HealthX?
HealthX Africa is a Kenya Medical Council Level 2 licensed and registered health care service provider offering around the clock access to Medical Doctors, Clinical Psychologists, and Clinical Nutritionists/ Wellness Advisors for advice and consultation for the healthy, acutely unwell, or those with chronic illnesses. We use the power of the mobile phone to provide health care serivces to every patient wherever they are, whenever they want, and as often as they need, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, through our affordable subscription packages.
Can you prescribe medication over the phone
No, it is medically wrong to do so. We however send you a written prescription based on your consultation with our doctors.
How can I contact the doctor?
You can speak to our doctors over the phone via our toll-free number, with no need for a smart phone or even air time. You can also reach contact our doctors via our mobile application for video consultation or live chat. HealthX subscribers can reach us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from anywhere in the world as long as they have access to internet or a phone to call us.
What other services are available at HealthX?
Along with Medical Doctors for clinical consultation, HealthX subscription includes unlimited access to our Mental Health and Clinical Psychology/ Counselling service, and our Wellness and Nutrition service.
Can I contact you in the late hours in night?
Yes, you can reach us anytime 24/7, 365 days a week. A HealthX Medical Doctor is always available to serve you.
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