24/7 Health and Wellness Virtual Clinic

24/7 access to our HealthX services from our virtual clinics

HealthX Africa’s Virtual Clinics are designed to provide virtual medical services in spaces that bring people together, and are currently being rolled out in corporate premises, factories, and schools. They are optimally suited to these settings, and to industries, schools and universities, residential compounds, pharmacies, commercial locations, construction sites, and within underserved communities. HealthX Africa’s Virtual Clinics are a powerful, visual and physical demonstration of an employer’s commitment to the health and wellbeing of their staff.

The Virtual Clinics may be standalone or managed by a nurse, and allow patients to take critical vital signs and readings using easy-to-use, integrated smart devices that sync to our 24/7 Health Control Center where our doctors are available and monitoring these readings in real time. Patients can simultaneously video consult with a highly trained and licensed primary health care doctor 24/7 from any HealthX Africa Virtual Clinic for evidence-based health care advice and support, as an alternative to using their phone or HealthX Africa app.

Safe, high-quality, hospital-level care in the comfort of your home.

Contact us for more information on our 24×7 Health and Wellness Virtual Clinic program.

Benefits for Employees/Members

Benefits for Employers

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Long waiting hours

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Whopping co-payments and hospital bills

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Unnecessary tests and medications

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Rushed visits

One-of-a kind Personalized Health Management for everyone
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